Immigrants shape the world

The Top 10 common problems faced by immigrants

1- Language

One of the issues faced by immigrants is having to learn a new language yet still preserve their language and cultural background.

2- Employment

The next hurdle quoted by many immigrants is to find suitable employment.

3- One of the main problems faced by immigrants and asylum seekers is accommodation. Please contact Real Estate Agencies to assist you with the best options.

  • Don’t be afraid for the commissions, most of the time, the consultations are free
  • Sign a contract
  • Arrange your rent with the national currency

4- Cultural differences

With so many immigrants, cultural differences make a significant impact; this can run from social customs to more significant issues such as attitudes towards gender, religion, ethnicity, and sexuality.
These issues can all differ from the host country. It is essential to accept values that will be different, and this is something that cannot be controlled.

5- Access to services

When arriving in a new country, keep in mind to always have emergency numbers such as ambulance, police, or fire stations with you. If you are not an English speaker, also keep phone numbers of translators.

6- Transportation

Nowadays where ever you are, you can get a map of inter cities transportation.


You may find information about public transport in Georgia bellow:


The underground railway is only in the capital (Tbilisi), here you may see the Tbilisi metro map.

7- Driving license

International licensing laws are depending on the homeland of immigrants. By having a worldwide driving license, you may drive everywhere. For how long would you be able to use your international driving License in the hosting country?

For all your question, visit this site:

8- Kids & Immigration

It is always a good idea that your child/teenage discover a good sight as the bad sight of the new society with their parents.
Remember that Thief, cheater, drugs, alcohol and rapes are everywhere. We are here to help each other.
The safety of immigrants is vital as the safety of locals; as such, we are collaborating not only with immigrants but locals too.

9- Prejudice and racism

One of the most significant issues immigrants faced nowadays is racism. Although with the new legislation and increasing anti-racism movements, many laws are implemented to protect immigrants.

10- Weather and isolation

Adapting the climate of each country should not be a significant problem for immigrants, but we must all work towards protecting the environment