Migrantbook founded in 2018, is an association helping the migrants and asylum seekers to adapt and integrate with their host state.

  1. Migrantbook is based on five goals:
    1. Enforce international and environmental laws in support of refugees and immigrants.
    2. Welcoming the refugees and the immigrants into the host country and helping them to contribute to the economy and to the environment.
    3. Helping and assisting the immigrants and refugees to adapt themselves to the host country
    4. Inform local nationals about the needs of immigrants and refugees in their home country.
    5. Help refugees to return to their country when it is possible and in their best interest.

    To achieve these goals, we need immigrants and refugees, as well as local nationals, to work and cooperate.

Join us

By working together, we can have a bright future.

Having a new country to live is not the end goal for refugees and immigrants. It is time that the dreams come true.

Let us start acting to:

We are going to be the first group in writing the history of immigration in the 21st century. It is hard, it is difficult, but it is going to help ourselves and the next generation solve many problems.

Protect the environment in the world

One of our essential duty is to protect the environment in the world. Where there are refugees or immigrants should be clean, beautiful and in peace. Protecting the environment means individual and social care, daily public education for urban cleanliness, noise pollution, air pollution, population control, free public recreation and etc.

Keep the languages and cultures alive

Different styles and cultures create diversity in our lives and the world. These differences bring growth in tourism, which in turn creates jobs. These differences have made history and make the earth a better place to live, for all of us.

Joy and fun are everyone's right

Let’s help each other to enjoy every second of our life. A happy society is safer, with less violent. Let us work on education and arts to achieve our happiness and security in our community.

Join us

To be socially and economically secured, we need to be together with a sense of love and faith and respect for the future.

Here is a place for everyone. Working together we can make life better for all of us. With you,we can do a great job.